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Use Translate Today for all legal language services. Our clients get to work with an international team of translators who translate their legal documents accurately and at the best prices.

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Legal Document Translation

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Legal Translation Services We Offer to Law Firms, Solicitors and Lawyers

Our legal translations cater to the needs of legal services, law firms, patent offices, lawyers, across the globe!

Any document submitted to the court requires certified translation to validate its accuracy. Not until it’s certified can a translation be considered admissible before the court. Certification proves that it’s the accurate word-for-word translation of the source document. Given its importance and indispensability in the legal sector, we offer professionals from the legal industry translation and certification of court documents. Court documents requiring certified translation include:

  • Depositions
  • Prior Judgments
  • Evidence

Law firms across the globe use Translate Today for word-for-word human-done translation of legal documents. You will get a Certificate of Translation Accuracy to prove the legitimacy of translated documents. Whether required by courts, U.S. Immigration (USCIS), federal governments, universities, public and private organizations all over the world recognize our legal translations.

At Translate Today, we house professional legal transcriptionists who have years of experience helping with legal audio transcription and video transcription. Even for confidential legal projects, our vast pool of international legal transcriptionists delivers high accuracy transcripts.

We have a dedicated team of transcriptionists conversant with legal terminology. Our ability to handle legal projects at scale makes us one of the trusted legal translation companies providing the transcription to:

  • Paralegals
  • Court Reporters
  • Attorneys
  • Legal Professionals

It’s to be kept in mind transcriptions have to bear the highest standard of quality and accuracy as court decisions depend on it and a single word or phrase can turn the judgement, either in favour or against. Use us to transcribe:


  • Trial Tapes
  • Depositions
  • Wire Taps
  • Memorandum
  • Court Proceedings

At Translate Today, our team of expert legal, financial and technical interpreters assist legal service providers with interpretation. Whether it’s over-the-phone interpretation, face-to-face interpretation or video interpretation that you require, we’re well equipped to assist with interpreting in any scenario.

How to Get Legal Documents Translated?

Here at Translate Today,  we follow a simple translation process. You can get certified legal document translation in 4 easy steps.

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Choose the language into which you want to translate your documents. And communicate the same to us!

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Block a date as to when you expect to receive the translated document. Our translators will deliver it within a deadline.

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Unique Features Of Our Legal Translation Services

Here are some of the features that set us apart from the rest as one of the most trusted legal translation agencies.

Certified Translation

Translate Today provides affordable translation and certification of legal documents. 

100% Online Legal Translation

Translate Today provides 100% online professional legal translation services.

Team Of Translators

Translate Today works with an international team of translators for all major languages.

Fast Turnaround

Enjoy peace of mind with our fast turnaround time. We are capable of translating with 24-hour turnaround.

24/7 Document Translation

Our 24/7 availability make us the top provider of legal documents translation in the US and UK at best certified translation price.

USCIS Translation Certification

We offer Legal Document Translation approved by USCIS, local, federal and state governments. Get USCIS Translation Certification.


Check out our legal translation rates.

A Professional Legal Translation Company For All Your Needs

You get to work with legal translation professionals who understand the legal terminology well, besides being native to the language targeted and experts in the field of law.

Birth Certificate Translation

Marriage Certificate Translation

Bank Statement Translation

Driver License Translation

Tax statements Translation

Business Document Translation

Press Release Translation

Adoption Certificate Translation

Resume & Patent Translation

Diploma Translation

Passport Translation

Transcript Translation

Introduction to Legal Translation

Legal Language Translation Services

Professionals from the legal industry use Translate Today for legal language translation services. In fact, we’re the best destination for lawyer language translation where we assist with interpreting and transcription besides legal document translation.

Legal Text Translation

Legal text translation is the process of converting the text of a legal document. Before you can produce a document that is in Spanish before a court, you will need to translate it to English.

Our specialization: translating legal documents from Spanish to English, legal translation from Arabic to EnglishGerman legal translation, Chinese legal translation, etc. 

Legal Document Translation Services

Our legal document translation services entail that we offer businesses, individuals, organizations top-quality legal language translation at competitive prices.

With the kind of linguistic expertise our legal translators have coupled with the proficiency with which they use and deal with legal terminology,  we’ve become the best provider of professional legal translation services.

We have been able to provide translation of legal documents to countless law firms, solicitors, and lawyers besides the individuals who need legal translation of their certificates and other such documents.

What is Legal Translation?

Legal translation is the practice of transforming legal documents from one language to another while retaining the original meaning.

So if you are looking for a legal translation service, look no further than Translate Today, one of the top legal translation agencies for legal documents translation.

Connect with our experts for professional legal translation of all sorts of documents. Searching for terms including the following:

  • legal translation documents
  • legal translation certificates
  • legal translation notary
  • legal translation apostille
  • legal translation diploma
  • legal translation apostille
  • legal translation agency
  • legal translation birth certificate
  • legal translation certification
  • legal translation explained
  • legal translation English
  • legal translation Japanese
  • legal translation notice
  • legal translation online
  • legal translation vendor
  • legal translation will
  • legal translation French
  • legal translation certified

If any of the search terms above match with what you’re searching for, know that you’ve come to the right place. At Translate Today, we’re a full-service translation agency providing language solutions to legal professionals and anyone looking for certified document translations.

Do you Offer Legal Spanish Translation Services?

Yes, we do offer translation legal documents from Spanish to English. Our translators specialize in Spanish legal terms translation, legal document translation from Spanish to English. Waste no time to send for a free quote if you need the legal translation from Spanish to English.

You’re promised accurate, affordable and top quality Spanish legal translation services.

Legal Translation Langauges - French, Arabic, German, Chinese

We offer French legal translation, legal translation from Arabic to English, German legal translation, Chinese legal translation, etc.

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