Gaming Translation

Translate Today offer gaming translation to clients across the world. It has become a huge industry. The demand for gaming is spreading internationally with rapidly growing gaming communities in countries as different as Germany, South Korea, Mexico and Japan.

gaming translation

Gaming Language Services

Although most video and app-based games tend to be centered more on the visual than the verbal, we understand the power of making sure the text and audio that gamers do interact perfectly with what you are trying to convey.

Online Games

Gaming instructions

Product descriptions

Mobile Apps

Multilingual Websites

Gaming controls and GUI's


We are able to translate and localize gaming and app content.
We work with developers, PR agencies, and marketing companies to expand worldwide.

Transcription & Subtitling

We offer multilingual transcription, subtitlng and voice-overs for Gaming clients and app developers.
Our service include voice-overs, closed and open subtitling.

Global SEO

Translate Today offers multilingual SEO and multilingual content for gaming and app developers.
We ensure that your message is targeted at your audience.

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